The hardest part of recovery is seeking help in the first place.

Please Stop

Find help and resources for struggling with symptoms of anxiety

Shut Up

The goal of Dear Mind is to stop mental illness in its tracks

Help Me

Addiction can be a scary disease, but you don’t have to face it alone.

Cheer Up

Depression has negative effects on how you feel, think and act.

Support is available.

Recovery is possible.

The Dear Mind Campaign started as a way to increase mental health education, prevention, early intervention and outreach. It began with a simple concept that most people can easily relate to: Dear Mind, Please Stop. Who hasn’t experienced a time when they were laying in bed trying to sleep, but your brain just won’t stop thinking?

Maybe you have a big test the next day or a presentation that you want to have memorized perfectly, a life event so routine, yet it can have such a large effect on your well-being. Dear Mind challenges you to intervene by reaching out to natural or professional supports before one night of poor sleep snowballs into a bigger problem. Start the conversation. It may save you or someone you care about.

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Current Events and Informational Updates

Beaver County Drug Abuse Coalition

Beaver County Drug Abuse Coalition is a group of community agencies and concerned, engaged private citizen volunteers in Beaver County, PA dedicated to education, prevention, de-stigmatizing, and assisting those affected by the opioid crisis.

BC-Youth Ambassador Families

share the stories, adventures, accomplishments of the Beaver County Youth Ambassador Program with their friends and families. The youth that this page supports are an amazing and fun group of young adults.

Beaver County System of Care

The Beaver County SOC is organized to best serve the needs of people with complex needs by integrating all of the elements and every level of the behavioral health system.